Philippe Vibien • Radiation Logger

In an effort to better understand the amount of natural background radiation as well as routine and non-routine radioactive gas releases into the environment, I decided that it would be interesting to keep a long running log of radiation measurements. The geiger counter is located in Stamford CT, approximately 22 miles southeast from the Indian Point Energy Center.

The radiation readings, measured in Counts Per Minute (CPM), are collected with a GQ GMC-320 Geiger counter connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi. Every 30 seconds a reading is saved to a SQLite DB which is then used to generate the live count and graphs below. In the event a reading is over an alarm threshold an email and SMS are automatically sent.

The latest reading is not available.

Since May 9, 2016 0 readings have been logged.

A CSV file of the past 30 days is available here. If you would like more data points for analysis contact me and I can send you the entire historical database file.


Below are live graphs showing the previous 24 hours as well as an adjustable historic rolling average.

Move the sliders to adjust the graph below.

End date: Today

Number of days: 7

Points per day: 14